Best VPS Providers & Cloud hosting

I really suggest VPS hosting over cloud providers, shared hosting, and dedicated servers. Well for cloud everything depends on which provider and how much youre paying. If you are new or an experienced webmaster I think you get more bang for buck, faster write speeds, and have the most control over the server instance as well as root access.

Also for these cloud hosts have you are sandboxed within their secondary firewalls, forced RSA key…all these things are annoying, time comsuming, and by the end still have to run like “sudo -s” to get root. Also the dd benchmarks at different providers you will really let you see which providers are packing people in and the quality of their SSD/NVMe storage space. Which is super important for database applications, mysql backed websites etc.

A few things you should do right when you get a VPS…So after going through installing the OS or if its a , you should have root credentials and be able to connect to your new vps instance with putty…


then run this command to see the write speed of this VM instance

$root@ip-address~# : dd if=/dev/zero of=diskbench bs=1M count=1024 conv=fdatasync

anything around 400-500mb is considered pretty good…500-1gb+ is top notch usually specialized specialized NVMe storage space.

The next thing I will do is see if I can telnet to’s MX record…

$ dig MX

$ 2273 IN MX 5

$ telnet 25

this is a normal response…

Trying 2607:f8b0:400d:c09::1b…
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
220 ESMTP p41si7523478qve.175 – gsmtp

which means your IP for you new VPS should be able to send an email to gmail…and weren’t sold a pre-tainted…either re-allocated, or someone youre sharing this “virtual private server” with has tainted this domain by spamming or sending bad emails…which looks like this…

Trying 2a00:1450:400c:c07::1b…
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
421 4.7.0 Try again later, closing connection.
Connection closed by foreign host.

which is pretty much the why you don’t use hetzner VPS

My Top VPS Providers

Vultr VPS Hosting VPS Hosting is an amazing choice for beginners and profressionals a like. They have a limited time offer where you will get $100 in free credit by siging up through the banner above.

They also have some 15+ locations you can choose from the cheapest being $2.50/m for an ip6 enabled vps…and for +$1 more get an ip4 enabled version, where you’ll get 512mb or RAM, and 10gb of ssd space…but this 10gb has a write speed of around the high 400mb/s ranges when benchmarked with dd…which is super fast for such a cheap vps instance.

They also have a new series of VPS that is very interesting. Called “High Frequency”, which starts at $6/m and comes with 32GB of NVMe storage space, 1024mb of RAM, and the option to add ipv6 & private networking. Also is also one the few hosts that lets you load custom ISOs of Linux, direct from the web – that you can boot right onto your fresh new instance. So if your looking to run Kali Linux or a special version of Linux this is a host for you. Also dd benchmark tests for $6/month version came in at some 800/mb a second. Those are some of the fastest dd benchmarks i have witnessed. Which backs its claims of NVMe storage space, with is bascically someof the best storage space you can buy. The ddbenchmark speeds speak for themselves. Also 32gb of that quality of performance and space its really top notch.

The only downside to is that you need to email them to get email port 25 opened. But this also helps to ensure that your ip isn’t already pre-tainted tainted by some spammer.. Promo Deal
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TransIP BladeVPS Hosting
TransIP BladeVPS Hosting

Trans IP is a serious host based in the Netherlands. That is aimed at real webmaster who need the resources and space to to run some 20-30 websites + per VPS…and if you look around and do the benchmark tests. You’ll see that their pricing is very competitive for what you are getting. Beware as a lot of these host offering things that see to be too good to be true, and claim to give you all these resources and tons of SSD space. But then you get a vps an the dd nenchmark write speed is like 98/mb per second. I’ve been using the $20/month VPS’s for years. Every time as the first thing I do i run a dd benchmark test, and it’s always ~500mb/s.

Their support is top notch as well, anytime I have an issue. They are always totally down to earth, and almost all of them are very technical and are super quick to help you with whatever array of different issues you might be having. Also if you get a complaint about something, copywrite claim, or some responsive email campaign you were playing around with. They always seem to have your back, even though I’m always quick to stop anything that is causing them complaints. But yeah really real, good people…I highly suggest them as a host.

Also for a limited time you can get 50% off your first 3 months by choosing your server to be set up in their newer datacenter in Delft. A city in the south east of the Netherlands.

TransIP BladeVPS Deal
Get 50% off your first 3 months – By using their Delft Datacenter

Get a blade VPS, before this offer expires :

So after going through installing the OS, you should have root credentials and be able to connect to your new vps instance with putty…


then run this command to see the write speed of this VM instance

$root@ip-address~# : dd if=/dev/zero of=diskbench bs=1M count=1024 conv=fdatasync

that will write a GB of data to a file called benchmark, and show you how fast the write speed on the disk is. I recommend you do this on every VM instance you create as the first thing you do. 400-500mb/s is a decent rate is at the good VPS providers for SSD space.

Anything below 100mb is almost worthless, your going to have problems even FTPing stuff if the speed is 29/mb. ortjoms….which is basically the situation at the cloud providers with the free and small instances. With amazon being “faster” at 69mb/s.

The second thing I think you should do . But the second thing i would do is to get a gmail MX record…

$root@ip-address~# : dig MX




i recommend checking that the VPS provider is using KVM as a hypervisor.